Welcome to Sin City Knit Shop

The Best Little Knit Shop in Las Vegas


Sending best wishes and good health from
Sin City Knit Shop to all of you.
Sin City Knit Shop has been busy moving to our new location. 
We are happy to tell 
you the move has been completed.
Next…we are in the process of putting the
shop back together again.
( I had to put the shop on hold over the weekend
in order for me to get moved into my new home.)
Timelines and vacate dates had to be honored for the shop and home. 
I truly appreciate your patience. I sincerely hope that you all have 
kept busy and inside your homes to stay healthy. And of course, 
I hope you have been busy knitting or crocheting to pass the time. I can’t wait for the
day I can join you.

What’s happening this week:

My home can wait to get unpacked. I will begin working on the knit shop to put 
forth plans to be able to conduct business in a different manner. This is the time to be 
creative like never before. (You all know how special it is to come to the shop to sit and knit)
 We have been lucky to have space for these gatherings. Hopefully we will do it again.
The tables that were loaned to the shop are at the new shop.
You can contact us at 702-641-0210 to make arrangements to pick up your tables. 
We do not have an answering machine (working on that) at the shop. 
So if you have tried to reach us, we apologize. We did not run out of town. 
The shop phone will be answered from 11:00 am until 4 pm Monday thru Friday.
We will be available for calls beginning Tuesday March 24th.
Or you can email me at [email protected]
Want to help?
We truly appreciate you wanting to help in any way you can.
We also want you to be healthy and happy most of all.
We are trying to follow the guidelines put forth for nonessential businesses. 
At this time, I am limiting the number of people allowed in the shop. 
ONLY a few employees will be allowed in the shop. It is a skeleton crew.
Previous Special Orders:
Anyone who has made special orders, please know that we will get your product to you.
 Again, please call the shop during the times mentioned above to discuss the options.
Keeping in touch:
We are working on doing some Facebook live announcements to stay in touch with you. 
We want you to see the transformation of the new shop and we will be
showing you some new shipments of yarn.
Someone once told me, “Take Baby steps.”
I keep saying that over and over.
Everything will work out for all of us.
Until the next SHOP UPDATE…take care!