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Welcome to June 2018!
Six years ago on the 15th of June I started working day and night to build Sin City Knit Shop. (Yes it has been 6 years already!)
On a very hot day in the middle of July 2012,
I opened the doors. I remember the lines of people
waiting to be one of the first to get a look at the new shop.
I started out small with limited merchandise. My theory was to find out what these customers wanted to buy. I also knew that if I offered space to sit & knit and support with their projects that the shop would be a success. Little did I know I would have to move after only being open for a year. We needed more room!
I am happy to announce I have signed a new lease and we will remain in this building for another 3 years.
Since Day ONE I have had to pleasure to meet new people and reach out to the community. I am proud SCKS have touched so many lives through the art of knitting and crocheting.
This small business has given me a treasure chest full of knowledge, love, many new friendships.  And I know there is more to come!
Thanks to all who have visited the shop from all over the world, made SCKS your home away from home, continue to support and join in the fun with the SCKS family.