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Sin City Knit Shop:

Welcome to April 2019!
Sin City Knit Shop is ready for Spring and Summer 2019.
New shipments of beautiful yarns, new classes, and new events are scheduled for April

Personal note from Debbi:
March was a difficult month for my family and me.With the love and support from so many of you, I got through the rough time of saying good-bye to my oldest son, Todd.I have a heavy heart and people will say “time will heal”.It is a little hard for me to believe “this too shall pass”.

I so appreciate everyone that jumped on board to help get through this process. There was so much to do in such a few short days after my sons death and keep the business open at the same time. My friends and family helped me organize a beautiful memorial.  I could not have gotten through these days without everyones support. 
AGAIN, thank you to family, friends and to complete strangers who went out of their way to lend a hand.
I will remember forever the random acts of kindness.

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